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Movie description: Lena Paul is a bored daddies model stuck at home whilst being exceedingly excited. This babe has a little game she plays when stuck at home alone like this. A scheme if u will.  she is trying to receive unsuspecting hawt guys to come by the apartment so she can fuck 'em. This has been going on for years. This day she called the maintenance boy, but the current one is nowhere near as hot as the final one. She ordered a pizza hoping the delivery would be by a hot youthful delivery guy. Nope, she was 45, married, and a mother of 2. She called up a plumbing service and requested a young guy plumber. The last time she called they sent over some old fart who probably hadn™t gotten a hard-on since movies solely came in darksome and white. Lena™s hopes weren™t up likewise high, and then tyler showed up at the door. Jackpot tiger! It didn™t take lengthy for Lena to have tyler pawing at her largest boobs. This chab loved alternating between pushing his wang between them and her taut little slit. Now if tyler had been an aged, wiser, plumber, he might know a hardly any greater amount things. Like if you™re plan to fuck random angels on abode calls, you got to be careful about getting caught with your panties down. You don™t wanna be ducking out fire escapes undressed to not catch a beat down.

Pornstar: Lena Paul