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Movie description: Eighteen-year-old Riley mae is home alone and is looking to have some pleasure. She is just lounging around in no thing but her skimpy pants and a taut reservoir top. Riley is waiting for her father's ally to stop by the abode so she can pounce on his huge rod during the time that her father's away! Riley is a sweet legal age teenager who completely likes to blow big cock! So when Ramon knocks on the door, Riley's cheerful to lure him inside and have him have fun a game with her--of raunchy teasing that's! Riley has Ramon pick a number, then she does the deed! Riley flashes Ramon her merry billibongs to which he cannot resist! Ramon gets so powerful that the next number he picks has Riley clamoring for his big knob! Riley sucks him off for a bit, then Ramon picks the final number--in which Riley hops on his cock and rides him until her dripping soaked vagina has had sufficiently fun for one day! But the thing about Riley is that this wicked doxy can not acquire enough cock to satisfy her needs, so Ramon better cum greater amount often!