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Movie description: Sean Lawless is studying for his final exams when his mama tells him herfriendis coming over for dinner. When the friend in question turns out to be the smokin' sexy Sofi Ryan, cramming for finals becomes the last thing on Sean™s mind! Especially when Sofi sneakily pulls Sean into a passionate Kiss each time his mom™s back is turned! Taking advantage of the fact Sean™s mom is busy cooking dinner, Sofi pretends to aid Sean study, but she's jerking off his massive hard rod instead! She then starts blowing him beneath the table, right next to mrs. Lawless! After they not quite acquire caught, they move the act to the living room, but the abode has an open concept so they get to sneakily fuck behind the ottoman as mrs. Lawless keeps walking by! Will Sofi manage to contain her moans as Sean pounds her dripping moist snatch or will they get caught'