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Movie description: Johnny Castle is driving around when this guy notices Victoria June selling quenepas on the side of the road. He asks her greater quantity information about the fruits this babe™s selling and is willing to settle for a petite bag to try 'em, but the wild latin chick has a counterofferfor him: for $100 she will suck his rod and give him a bag of quenepas to try! Johnny is hesitant at 1st; after all he™s a married chap! But Victoria drives a hard bargain and she has 2 very convincing arguments she dangles his face! After he accepts and she gets in the car, they drive to a quiet area where Victoria wraps her chubby red lips around Johnny™s huge hard cock! Then, the concupiscent bitch suggests they go back to Johnny™s place where he gets a chance to example her two big quenepas! Taking advantage of the fact his wife is not home, he licks the latina™s luxurious soaked bawdy cleft previous to giving her a admirable hard dicking she™s not about to forget!