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Movie description: It™s a truly wild day and Brannon Rhodes is strolling around with his buddy when they watch Sadie Pop. This babe™s stuck having to await for herfriendoutside in the heat and her Popsicle just broke. Brannon offers to bring her back to his place to phat down place and she accepts, especially when that guy promises to give her some other ice Pop. It turns out that Sadie has a bit of an Obsession with the frozen treat, so when Brannon offers her a brand recent one, he has her implore for it. She then shows him how valuable of a ramrod sucker she's by giving him a little preview using the icy Cherry-flavored stick! Then Brannon rubs the Popsicle all over Sadie™s merry boobs, but she™s so hot it instantly melts! He licks the sticky juice off the hot latin babe™s body as he keeps rubbing the frozen treat on her taut vagina and arse, helping her cool down a bit! After giving Brannon a smack of her now Cherry-flavored lush pussy, Sadie decides it™s time to blow Brannon™s very own fleshy Popsicle! Will she let go of the Cherry flavored treat as he bonks her brains out'