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Movie description: Car troubles are bad, but they™re even worse when they occur in the midst of a rainstorm! This is what is happening to Holly Hendrix whose car just won™t begin, leaving her stranded in the pouring rain wearing merely a transparent raincoat which barely covers her wild Pink underwear and boots. In her skimpy outfit, the hot brunette hair inspects the car engine, hoping to discover the problem. Thankfully Robby Echo comes to her rescue and offers her a much-needed shelter from the storm! As in a short time as this guy invites her into his car, Holly pushes him inside and begins making out whilst reaching for his jock! Holly has a hardly any ideas how to spend time, beginning with sucking Robby™s giant jock! Robby then suggests they go back to his place to dry off from the rain. That™s where he finds out just how moist the hot floozy truly is! And this babe just keeps on getting wetter and wetter as he copulates her constricted dripping wet crack!